Scalable payment solutions for every business size

Whether you are scaling fast as a startup or expanding your enterprise globally, Autopay offers customized solutions to fuel your growth, enhance security and streamline transactions

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What makes us the best choice?


We understand that businesses of all sizes seek reliability, flexibility, and security in their payment processing solutions. Our commitment to delivering scalable and innovative payment services makes us the ideal partner for your business journey, from initial launch to global market expansion.


Our platform is built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology, designed to streamline your payment processes and enhance user experiences. With Autopay, you’re always equipped with the latest in payment innovation, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve..


Our solutions enable your business to accept payments from anywhere in the world, while our localized payment options ensure that your customers enjoy a familiar and comfortable checkout experience, boosting conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

For startups: unlock your full potential

Startups are the lifeblood of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining industries.

We are committed to fueling this entrepreneurial spirit with payment processing tools that are as dynamic and flexible as startups themselves.

Our solutions are crafted to support your growth from day one, ensuring you can scale effortlessly and focus on what matters most—innovating and expanding your reach.

Key features:

  • wide payment method support
  • multi-currency transactions
  • enhanced security protocols and international compliance
  • simplified transactions and international compliance
  • increased conversion
  • targeted marketing and new revenue streams
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Startup-friendly solutions

Easy to integrate and simple to use, our payment gateway removes the complexities of payment processing, allowing you to focus on scaling your business.


As your startup evolves, so do your payment processing needs. Autopay grows with you, offering flexible pricing and adaptable features that align with your business model.

Wide reach

Born global, startups require a payment platform that spans borders. Autopay enables you to accept payments in multiple currencies and from various payment methods around the world.

For enterprises: strengthen your position

In the global business landscape, enterprises strive not just for growth but for dominance.

Autopay stands as your ally, offering a suite of advanced payment solutions that marry unmatched security standards with an extensive global reach.

Our platform is engineered to support your enterprise through every phase of market entry and scalable growth, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

Key features:

  • online payment gateway supporting an extensive range of payment methods and currencies
  • additional layer of protection for online transactions
  • targeted advertising within the payment gateway
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Our online payment gateway was designed to transcend borders. It supports a wide array of payment methods and currencies, providing the flexibility to offer customers worldwide their preferred payment options. This adaptability fosters trust and significantly enhances conversion rates.

Advanced security

Our 3D Secure Authentication service offers an additional layer of protection for online transactions. This feature is essential for building customer trust, mitigating fraud, and reducing chargebacks, thereby reinforcing your enterprise's credibility and compliance with international security standards.

Data-driven advertising

Use Autopay’s anonymized transaction data to deliver targeted advertising within the payment gateway. This strategic approach allows you to engage customers precisely at high-intent moments, maximizing your marketing ROI as you venture into and expand within new markets.

About Autopay


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banks and institutions are our trusted partners

50 000

online stores have chosen our online payment solutions

>10 bn

the value of transactions handled by us in 2023

Your trusted partner

From October 1, 2013, we enjoy the status of a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Since 2011, pursuant to the consent of the National Bank of Poland, we have been conducting clearing and settlement activities supervised by the NBP.

We have obtained the PCI DSS and PCI 3DS certificates, enabling the processing of card data in IT systems and payment gateways.

We are listed as official suppliers for Visa and Mastercard.

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