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Startup-friendly solutions

Dive into our platform knowing it's built with your needs in mind. Our solutions are designed to be easy to integrate and use, removing the hassle from payment processing so you can focus on what you do best—innovating.

Scalable from day one

As your startup grows, your needs will change. Our platform is designed to scale with you, offering flexible pricing and features that adapt to your evolving business model. Whether you are expanding your market reach or diversifying your product offerings, we are ready to support your journey.

Global reach, local impact

Startups today are born global. Our platform enables you to accept payments in multiple currencies and from various payment methods around the world, ensuring you can cater to customers wherever they are, while also providing localized payment experiences that boost conversion rates.

Unmatched support

We know that startups move fast and need responsive support to match their pace. That's why we offer technical support from real people who understand your business. Whether you are troubleshooting an issue or need advice on best practices, our team is here to help you.

Transparent pricing

We believe in clear, straightforward pricing without hidden fees or surprises. Our competitive rates are designed to support startups at every stage, ensuring you can allocate your resources to growth, not to excessive payment processing fees.

Security and compliance

In the digital age, security can't be an afterthought. Our platform employs advanced security measures, including PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, and fraud detection algorithms, to protect you and your customers' data, giving you peace of mind and building trust with your users.

Our longtime partners

Seamless online payment gateway

Our online payment gateway is engineered for startups, offering an easy-to-integrate solution that supports a vast array of payment methods and currencies. Cater to customers worldwide with a system that grows with your business.

Key benefits:

  • wide range of supported payment methods to satisfy global customer preferences
  • multi-currency capabilities to facilitate international transactions
  • enhanced security with PCI DSS compliance, safeguarding your transactions
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Leverage Poland's leading payment method

Integrate BLIK, and offer your customers a popular, secure, and convenient way to pay. Perfect for startups aiming to capture or expand within the Polish market, BLIK integration can set your platform apart.

Key benefits:

  • immediate payment processing, improving the checkout experience
  • strong security features, ensuring customer confidence
  • easy integration, allowing for quick market entry
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Streamlined online transfers

Simplify transactions with our Pay by Link solution, enabling startups to offer an easy, secure link-based payment option. It's an efficient way to manage payments, especially for invoices and direct sales.

Key benefits:

  • increased conversion through a simplified payment process
  • enhanced customer trust with a secure and direct payment method
  • reduced operational costs by minimizing payment processing steps
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Next-level security for online transactions

Add an extra layer of security to your transactions with 3D Secure Authentication. This feature is crucial for startups looking to build customer trust and reduce fraud-related losses.

Key benefits:

  • protection against unauthorized transactions, reducing chargebacks
  • compliance with international security standards, enhancing your credibility
  • seamless user experience that balances security with convenience
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Optimize operations with accurate data

Use our Support API to access verified transaction and customer data, enabling better decision-making and streamlined operations. Ideal for startups needing to ensure data integrity and operational efficiency.

Key benefits:

  • access to real-time data for improved customer insights
  • enhanced payment processing efficiency, leading to cost savings
  • reduced manual intervention, lowering the risk of errors
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Monetize with smart advertising

Utilize our platform to enable targeted advertising based on transaction data. This innovative approach helps startups unlock new revenue streams and increase engagement without disrupting the user experience.

Key benefits:

  • precision targeting for higher ad relevance and conversion
  • new monetization channels through integrated advertising
  • future-proof against privacy regulation changes with a cookieless approach
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Our payment gateway perfectly meets the needs of:

E-commerce startups

Our payment gateway supports an extensive range of global payment methods and currencies, making it ideal for e-commerce startups aiming to cater to a diverse, international customer base. We ensure that your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience, from selection to checkout, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

SaaS and digital services

Our gateway offers 3D Secure Authentication and customizable payment plans, providing the flexibility and security essential for SaaS and digital services companies to thrive. These features facilitate a smooth subscription management process, ensuring uninterrupted access for users and steady revenue flow for providers.

Fintech startups

Our payment gateway is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including PCI DSS compliance and fraud detection, providing the robust infrastructure fintech startups need to protect their operations and their users' data. Additionally, the ability to process a wide range of payment methods enhances the versatility of fintech services, catering to various consumer preferences and financial habits.


Online marketplaces face the unique challenge of facilitating transactions between multiple buyers and sellers, often across borders. Our payment gateway addresses this challenge by offering support for multi-currency transactions and seamless cross-border payments, ensuring that marketplace platforms can operate efficiently on a global scale.

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Your trusted partner

From October 1, 2013, we enjoy the status of a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Since 2011, pursuant to the consent of the National Bank of Poland, we have been conducting clearing and settlement activities supervised by the NBP.

We have obtained the PCI DSS and PCI 3DS certificates, enabling the processing of card data in IT systems and payment gateways.

We are listed as official suppliers for Visa and Mastercard.

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