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Why choose Autopay as your go-to partner?

Innovative and trustworthy

Benefit from pioneering solutions equipped with cutting-edge technology, all reinforced by our extensive industry experience.

Smooth and safe

Enjoy seamless workflows from integration to transaction, all safeguarded by rigorous compliance standards.

Tailored and expandable

Embrace solutions that evolve alongside you, designed to fit your unique needs whether you are just starting out or leading an established company.

Smart and streamlined

Utilize precise, validated data and insights to enhance your operational efficiency and guide your strategic choices.

Dedicated support

Receive personalized assistance every step of the way, ensuring your questions are answered and your needs are met with expertise and care.


Stay ahead in your industry with solutions that anticipate future trends and regulatory changes, keeping you competitive and compliant.

Unlock new potential with our data-driven solutions

Utilize our cutting-edge analytical tools to dissect complex data sets, revealing patterns, trends, and insights that inform smarter, evidence-based decisions.

Whether optimizing operations, exploring new markets, or enhancing customer experiences, our solutions equip you with the clarity needed to navigate your business landscape confidently.

Transform your business strategy with our cutting-edge solutions for targeted advertising and product development. Leverage actionable insights from advanced data analytics to revolutionize product offerings and marketing strategies.

Key features:

  • precision targeting with Ads
  • enhanced decision-making through data analysis
  • revenue growth from data monetization
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Elevate your infrastructure with our technical solutions

We're constantly evolving our technical solutions to address the latest challenges and opportunities in digital payment processing and beyond. Stay ahead of the curve with a partner who understands the landscape and can pivot as fast as the technology does.

Our suite is meticulously engineered to not only meet but exceed the technical demands of today’s digital-first businesses.

Beyond our technical capabilities, what sets us apart is our commitment to your success. Our dedicated support team is here to assist with integration, troubleshooting, and optimization, ensuring you get the most out of our solutions.

Key features:

  • cloud-based infrastructure for global readiness
  • comprehensive API for simplified integration
  • top-notch security with PCI DSS and PCI 3DS certifications
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Expand your market reach with our payment solutions

From integrating popular payment methods to facilitating secure, borderless payments, we provide the infrastructure you need to thrive in today's digital economy.

Expand your market reach with seamless, secure payment integration options. From popular on Polish market methods like BLIK to comprehensive online transfer systems, our solutions cater to your diverse customer base.

Break into new markets with confidence, leveraging our deep understanding of local payment landscapes.

Key features:

  • broad payment method integration
  • high security and compliance standards
  • streamlined payment processing for efficiency
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About Autopay


the year we entered the market


banks and institutions are our trusted partners

50 000

online stores have chosen our online payment solutions

>10 bn

the value of transactions handled by us in 2023

Your trusted partner

From October 1, 2013, we enjoy the status of a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Since 2011, pursuant to the consent of the National Bank of Poland, we have been conducting clearing and settlement activities supervised by the NBP.

We have obtained the PCI DSS and PCI 3DS certificates, enabling the processing of card data in IT systems and payment gateways.

We are listed as official suppliers for Visa and Mastercard.

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